Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

It's a time to celebrate. Celebrate the fact that we live in this amazing country. Celebrate friends, family and the people who we appreciate.

But, be careful. I've always said that the reason that I work out and eat well is so that when holidays like these come along, holidays that are filled with festivals, cottages, camping, or whatever it is that you choose to do on the long weekend - is so that I can indulge and not feel guilty. You never want to be "that guy" or "that girl" that is at a function, being offered delicious foods and catch yourself saying, "No, I can't have that, it's not in my nutrition plan." I was at a barbecue yesterday and I ate at least 2 sausages (with whole wheat buns) some chips and I had a couple of drinks. I ate just like everyone else. I know I was good throughout the week leading up to this weekend, so I felt like I deserved to pollute my body a little bit.

People get a bit too strict when it comes to their eating habits. It's all about balance. I know the extremists.. I used to work for one a few years ago. Sure, most of the foods that we enjoy are laden with fats, high in sugar, and do almost nothing for us nutritionally - but we like them. They make us feel good. Nobody looks at come carrot sticks and says, "Perfect. These are going to be great after a stressful week at work. Time to sit down on the couch with my bag of carrots and watch some movies."

Basically, what I am saying is enjoy yourselves. If you eat a bit too much this weekend, or don't get all of your workouts in, don't sweat it. Don't over do it, but know that you have worked very hard and deserve a little indulgence this weekend. But, if you are one of my clients - and you DIDN'T work hard this past week and STILL choose to eat everything in sight this weekend.. . you will pay next week. ;)

Happy Canada Day.

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