Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's all about the Injury Pre-Hab.

I want to change your life. My goal is to make you feel better than you have ever felt. Whether it’s weight that you feel you need to lose, muscle that you want to gain, chronic pains that you want to go away due to bad posture and the positions we leave our bodies in for hours a day, or just to have more energy to get through the afternoon– I want to make it happen.

I have been a personal trainer for almost 4 years. In this time I have taken techniques from some of the greatest coaches in the world with all different viewpoints and constructed programs that I believe to be some of the most effective programs out there today. I don’t pick exercises for the “wow” factor, I pick exercises that I know will get you to where you need to be. I have always said that if you can’t look at a workout and explain the benefit of every exercise in the program – then it is poorly developed.

I personally believe that body mechanics are the most important factor when developing the programs that I do. Due to the postures we hold our bodies in, whether it be at work while we sit, in our cars while we drive, or on our couch while we watch t.v, we have become accustomed to doing nothing – and our bodies are accepting this and tightening our muscles where they shouldn’t be tight and essentially shutting off muscles that are very important to ensure proper posture and a pain free life.

I see too many people accepting the fact that they have pain. They attribute it to just “having bad knees all of their lives”, or “I sit all day, so that’s why my back hurts. While these statements may be true, unless there has been some sort of impact related injury, or a tear in the muscle, almost all of these chronic pains can be relieved with the correct exercises. I have made it happen with my clients and they are amazed when the pain that they have accepted for years, just starts to go away.

People hurt when they go to the gym on their own because they are forcing their bodies into positions that they haven’t been in for years. Something as simple as raising your arms over your head becomes a compensatory movement with so many flaws that it causes quite a bit of pain.

In as early as 1 session, I have had new clients comment on how much more loose they feel and how certain aches began to dissipate. Here are a few testimonials –

Ian Culley -

“Over two years ago I moved to a farm. I thought I had an active lifestyle before but it paled in comparison to the amount of daily physical activity at my new home. For years I had run, biked and played hockey to keep in shape. A little bit of cross training but not much. I had also experienced the odd back spasm starting in my mid thirties and I just chalked it up to getting older. Flash forward to the hobby farm, I'm in my mid forties and I'm moving rocks, clearing fencing, cutting up dead trees, renovations and riding horses and one day I had the mother of all spasms. Most people, especially men know exactly what I mean. You can't get up you're lower back is on fire. After weeks of slow recovery, that meant getting just enough mobility back to get by, nothing really had improved. I had done a ton of research on the internet, of course, and was optimistic that maybe more than my back was the issue. I found a physiotherapist who helped me with a specific muscle injury and that lead me to Bryan. I started with Bryan and he did an evaluation and, wouldn't you know it, I was out of balance. Apparently doing the same repetitive exercise isn't as healthy as I thought. I can still remember the first set of exercises he gave me to do every day at home. I could barely do a set of each. They hurt, they made me work hard, but over time I started to get stronger.

It's now over a year later and I had a very busy work month with very little time to work out. If I sat for too long my back would begin to hurt. Immediately I started up the exercises again and within a week no more pain. I don't take back pain medication, I can run, I can lift, my flexibility has improved and most importantly I know that my health and wellness is up to me.”

Doctor Scott Beattie - from his video

When I came here I thought I needed a hip replacement, and now I have no pain at all in my left hip. I thought I was going to have to quit playing golf because I couldn’t play a round without getting in extreme pain and having to walk off of the course after 9 holes. When I golfed 2 weeks ago, I played 18 holes – no pain.”

More testimonials to come as I receive them.

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