Thursday, October 27, 2011

Implementing Phases into your training..

So, I have been MIA for the last little while. My life has been changing, and I am learning to make time for myself and a new special someone in my life. It has been great - but the only downside is that my training has taken a bit of a seat on the sidelines. It's my own fault. I have still been eating well, but my time is the gym is not what it was 2 months ago.
 I had been training heavy since the Warrior Dash and have seen significant increases in my lifts - but my waistline is taking a bit of a beating. Now that the "Train the Trainer" event is actually happening, I know I need to get myself in better shape anaerobically to be able to withstand the beating I am going to get in a few weeks.
 Ernie just started training an MMA fighter and is putting him through a fight circuit made by JC Santana at the Institute of Human Performance in Florida.
 I have always been in shape, and I kind of pride myself on my cardio. So, when I saw this workout, the old Bryan (pre-warrior dash) in me, decided that I could easily complete this workout and I would use weights even heavier than this 205lb fighter.
 Well, the new Bryan, accustomed to lifting very heavy and taking nice, long breaks did not agree. The first 5 minute round went great, my recovery wasn't as good as I remember... but halfway through the 2nd circuit is where I started to see the fog. I had to go lie down on the table out back, then run outside for some air, then get some emergency juice from the fridge. I had the shakes for a good 10 minutes and was very humbled... Needless to say, that was a depressing day and I went to the corner store and bought pizza pockets and wallowed in my own self pity all afternoon..

 Why am I telling you how terrible my workout went? Because we all do the same thing. I have runners that come in, bragging about how strong their legs are because they run, and I get them to do 2 sets of lunges and they walk around for the rest of the session like a newly born giraffe - then, they can't walk for 2 days. I get powerlifters in here, who brag about their numbers, and 10 minutes into a small circuit they are running to the bathroom.

 Well, that's what we do at ACF. We take you out of your comfort zone. We have phases to our training styles that take roughly 4 weeks at a time and make sure that your body does not adapt. You see chubby runners, you see strong fat guys - but the rule still stands.. "If you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to getting what you've got."
 Your body is very smart and will adapt to most any stimulus that you put on it. If you lift too heavy and your muscles can't lift the weight, then your body will recognize this and become stronger in case this stimulus is brought on it again. If you run and get very, very winded - same thing happens. Your body increases your cardiovascular fitness for the next time you run. Eventually though, your body becomes used to what you are doing to it, and the response becomes less and less.
 If you come through the door here and want to be a better runner, I am not going to run with you. You do that enough already. I am going to make you train like you have never trained before and your running will just get better. 6 months ago, I took 45 minutes off of a marathon runner's time in just 7 weeks. He changed nothing about his running prep. It was what we did in the gym that made the difference.

 All I am saying here people, is get out of your comfort zone. Try something new - whether it's weight training, Zumba, crossfit.. whatever floats your boat. Your body will become a stronger, faster machine if you just challenge it.

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