Monday, August 15, 2011

Surround yourself with positive people

Negativity is everywhere. It's on the news, it's in the paper, and it's made it's way into our lives. I encounter so many people everyday who are constantly producing so much negative energy. But, the worst part is that it is contagious. If I spend enough time with these people, I start to think like them.
Now, I consider myself a very happy person. I tend to look on the bright side and see the cup as half full. I also like to be around people that think the same way. Now, I know what you are thinking - What does this have to do with training?


I have many clients that walk through the door here at All Canadian Fitness that are very excited. I mean VERY excited to get started. I can see it in their eyes. As soon as we are finished with the consultation and I convince them that they CAN and WILL succeed, they leave here with their heads held high. There was even a woman a few weeks ago that actually pointed to a blank spot on our success wall and said, "That's my spot." - Which I thought was amazing.
They start their training full force and throw everything they have into their own success. But, then something changes. A few sessions in, I see that motivation start to falter. They start to be late, have bad excuses as to why they haven't worked out this week, and even worse, have made terrible decisions when it comes to their nutrition. Now - I am no idiot. They had success in the first few weeks - even losing a few inches. So, what has changed? That's what we always take some time to sit down and figure out. Unfortunately most of the time, it is their support system at home. It could be a number of things making the people around them act the way they do when they start to see their spouse/partner changing in a positive way. Whether it be frustration at their own lack of motivation, the stress of now having to change their own nutritional habits to begin to support their partner or jealousy in seeing the physical changes being made by their better half - it all takes a toll.

Now, it's usually (I say usually because I have seen a few instances in which the sedentary partner actually agrees to make some changes) the person that has been having success ,that has to switch back to the way they were in order to make their spouse happy. I have heard every line as to why this person shouldn't be making a positive change.

"Why do you need to get fit? You are already in a relationship, who are you trying to get pretty for?"
"You are sore all the time, how is this helping you?"
"You've tried things like this before and always failed, why are you bothering?"

And, it's this type of negativity that people don't forget. It unfortunately manifests itself as a little voice in your head that you hear all day - when you are eating that supportive lunch, on your drive to the gym, when you are sitting on the couch debating having that bowl of sugary cereal before bed.. and you feel defeated.

It doesn't have to be this way. I'm not saying split from your partner, but make it known that you are making these changes for yourself and no one else. Take the POSITIVE things that others are saying about you and write them down. Read them everyday. Know that you have the power to change and the will to make it happen. Just picture yourself at your ideal weight or measurements and imagine how good it will feel. Buy new, smaller clothes. Do it now.

There are always going to be negative people. Don't feed into it and don't become one yourself. If you need some positive reinforcement, send me an email! I'll tell you that you are a rockstar and nothing can stand in your way. Surround yourself with incredible people and you will soon see yourself start to change.

I guess that's enough of my motivational, hippy nonsense for now. :)


  1. Love it!!. I am usually a positive person and I find it disturbing with all the negative people that I work with and their negative comments. It is difficult to not say things to these negative people but as you said I do it for myself and they can keep being unhappy with themselves

  2. Exactly! Some people, in my opinion, don't like to see others doing better than them. When they see their successes, they try to bring them back down.

    Keep doing what you are doing!